1. For the public/donors: Help your choice charity and help yourself
     a.  Donate your car and get best possible tax deduction and help your choice charity.  We accept most cars, boats & RV donations- whether they are running or not.
     b.  Donate your car and you may receive Up to 50% Cash Back from the value of the vehicle, tax deduction for the difference and help your choice charity.  Some donated vehicles may qualify for this program.
Please contact us at
(888) 463-5353

2. For non-profit organization: Development or/and management car donation program.
Most of the charities, schools, hospitals and religious institutions are busy    providing their local communities with their services. They donít have time or the resources to develop and manage car donation program as a means for their fundraising.
Please contact us at
(888) 463-5353


PCCís staff can help you with:
    a. Advertising: Our advertising experts with the help of the top agencies can design and implement an effective advertising campaign.
     b. Our staff can handle numerous phone calls at once. We handle all necessary paperwork, including bills of sale, titles, receipts, etc. Each vehicle is inspected, if necessary, it will be appraised, repaired/improved and priced. Activity report and a check will be sent to you within 10 days from the completion of the sale.
     c. Towing: We schedule and pick up donated vehicles immediately. We have two facilities, one for cars and the other for boats/RVs.
     d. Repairs: Each facility has an expert repair personnel with over 20 years experience in auto, boats and RVs. If necessary, we will improve the condition of donated vehicle to facilitate best sale return.
     e. Sales: We sell donated vehicles at auctions, dealerships and on the web. Our professional staff will determine best possible way to sell the donated vehicles to get the best return.

Please contact us at (888) 463-5353

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